George Dixon-Spain


I was fortunate to teach skiing for the best part of ten years. I loved it! During that time it became obvious I needed to do some strength training, and I’m not going to lie… the gym used to bore me to tears!! However, when I trained with a group, we had dramatically increased results mainly because of the increased accountability.

So, when I left the ski world I thought I’d take my coaching skills and apply to the fitness world, so I started Personal Training. Somehow though this wasn’t enough. I believed people could do more, be more, and I desired more fulfillment from training people. A former client of mine, who I taught twice a season (I know lucky boy right?) from the age of 6, really brought home what
physical training means to me. He and his parents both expressed how, when he returned home from a ski trip, his confidence was markedly increased in other sporting activities, in his school work, in class, around his friends and in public. What struck me was how profound the psychological developments of my clients were. I needed to find this in the fitness world. I went to a CrossFit session in Wigan, and immediately signed up to the CrossFit Level 1 course. I was fulfilling my dream and finding the most elegant and profoundly beneficial training modality there is and ever will be. Within a year I had opened up CrossFit ASG, completed my CrossFit Level 2 and have never looked back. Now, as of 2022, after two of the toughest years on record, personally and within business, we are stronger than ever. I completed my CrossFit Level 3 recently, positioning me as one of the top 1% of trainers in the world.
We have a brilliant team of coaches who I trust implicitly to deliver on our Mission to Empower Greatness.


Head Coach

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